.:About Me :.

the second daughter of a lovely couple En Mohd Yunus and Norzaharah..going to be 24 this year (2012) love kids and adults... very sociable person and i love meeting new people <3

a girlfriend to a lovely guy, En Rambutan :)

 i am a simple girl... but i think i am really complicated  :P no one can handle me really well... i am always make up my own mind.. i tried to be anything but i failed... but i am still here :)

sometimes we forget to say thanks to the One that gives us everything in the first place.. we forget to say Alhamdulillah ... we forget to remember Him... and only searching for him when the world seems blue and when the grey clouds appear...

every second, every minute, every hour, every day...Alhamdulillah

i am someone.. really worthwhile if you try to listen to me and be good to me :)

i love to cook and read and surf and loved! i love photography!