18 April 2012

new entry

february, march and now april... with two months out of any entries.. i finally post something here..

telling you.. this was the most eventful 3 months of my life... ups and downs.. tears and laughters.. everything.. but finally i have come to the end of it..

love life? things are doing good for me and enRambutan... we're really now moving into things more serious and thinking about getting married! how cool is that? we already dating for more than 7 months now... and for me that is quite long enough time to started thinking about marriage right?

i know some people took years of dating before finally decided to get married... but i think i have found my Mr.Right.. he may not be perfect... but i am not perfect too... i know i can tolerate him and he can stand me.. the problem now is finance but i think it is not a major problem. i don't mind small wedding as long as i can live with this man that i love.

truthfully, i don't think i can find another guy like enRambutan. he made me mad sometimes, but he always know how to soothe me back. and i don't know why i fell in love with him over and over again. i missed him all the time and i never felt this way before. Loving him is like a new experience for me.

pen off now... bye

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  1. yeay ! taca nak kawen dgn enRambutan. hihi.. btw, nape panggil beliau rambutan? ;)

    tenks sbb drop by ur komen kat belog kite. nak jumpe? bole je ^^ add kite kat fb, senang sikit nk contact2 ;)