22 January 2012

hey hey hey...

it's been a while since i update my blog...bless me, days have been hectic as i have started my practice session as a teacher in SK Parit Melana. cikgu2 kat sana baik2 belaka.. peramah and very very helpful.. the kids too... everywhere we went (me and my partner, Gurl) there's always kids wants to salam us.. perasan retis uolls~

SK Parit Melana is considered a small school. each Year they only got 2 Classes, Bestari and Bijak.. Bestari is for the higher achiever kids, while Bijak is for lowers.. nevertheless, there are also smart kids in Bijak classes..

As usual, things started with the introductory classes, which i think not that successful.. i don't have any preparations and just blurted out what's on my mind. also, i never expected that i got 3 classes (year 3 Bijak, 4 Bijak and 5 Bestari) which i think is a lott~!! i have hard times to remember each faces... however there are kids that successfully managed to get into my head..

i wished i have more to type about the kids.. but it's just the first week... so i think i'll update about the skool later :P


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