05 April 2013

The Perennial Plate : Dabbawalla

Episode 115: Dabbawalla

one day as i went through the YouTube i came across a channel, Tastemade. the channel featured a lot of food-related shows featuring people from foodie websites such as the SORTED team, Thirsty for...and The Perennial Plate..

The Perennial Plate is a website/blog of a couple, Daniel and Mirra. Daniel is the chef and his girlfriend, Mirra is the camerawoman. the couple travels around the world and make videos of the food culture of each country they've visited.

what i want to share here is about Dabbawalla. Dabbawallas act like postmen, but the only thing they deliver are home-cooked meals. everyday there are almost 4000 dabbawallas dressed in white shirts delivering 175,000 meals in Mumbai, the capital of India. They pick up the meals in tiffins at homes from mothers and send them to the waiting husbands and sons at the offices.

the homecooked meal will be retrieved by the dabbawallas and then, were sent to the collecting stations where the tiffens will be categorized according to the place and the receiver.

they regard this job as a noble work..

click on the link above to watch the video :) enjoy!


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